Privacy Policy

Any user who uses the system of this website should read this statement carefully, the user can choose not to use the system of this website, and the user's behavior of using the system of this website will be regarded as an approval of the entire content of this statement.

1. Except for the terms of service stated on this website, any other accident, negligence, contract damage, defamation, copyright or intellectual property infringement caused by the use of the publishing system of this website and the losses caused by it (including infection caused by downloading computer virus), this website is not responsible and does not assume any legal responsibility.

2. Any information, products and services linked to and obtained through the pages of this website are released by users themselves, and this website is not responsible for its legality, nor does it assume any legal responsibility.

3. All contents of this website do not reflect any opinions of this website.

4. Any unit or individual who believes that the content of this website may be suspected of infringing its legal rights and interests should promptly report to this website in writing, and provide proof of identity, ownership and detailed infringement. After receiving the above legal documents, this website , the allegedly infringing content will be removed as soon as possible

User Privacy Disclaimer

1. User Privacy Policy

     Respecting the privacy of users is a fundamental policy of this website. Therefore, this website will not disclose, edit or disclose the user's registration information and the non-public content stored in the services of this website, unless this website believes that the disclosure of such information on the basis of good faith is in the following situations necessary:

(1) Comply with relevant laws and regulations, including providing the information content and release time, Internet address or domain name published by users on the web pages of this website when inquiring by relevant state agencies.

(2) Comply with the service procedures of this website's network products.

(3) Maintain and maintain the trademark ownership of this website.

(4) Strive to maintain the privacy and security of users and the general public in emergency situations.

(5) Other circumstances that this website deems necessary.

Users hereby authorize this website to send commercial information to their e-mail addresses.

2. User's account, password and security

    Once you have successfully registered as a user, you will get a password and account number. If you fail to keep your account and password safe, you will be fully responsible for any damage to you, this website or third parties. Additionally, each user is solely responsible for all activities and events in their account. You can change your password and icon at any time, or close an old account and open a new one. The user agrees to notify this website immediately if any illegal use of the user account or security breach is found.